This International Conference, which will be held in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, during 28 June – 2 July 2010, provides an opportunity to discuss recent trends and developments in estimation of forest biomass, the use of remote sensing and mitigation/adaptation technologies in Europe and Russia in the context of a globalised economy. The main objective of the conference is to consider different aspects of climate changes influence on the forest ecosystems, to exchange experiences in the field, to define values and problems and suggest measures for prevention of negative consequences of the climate change on the society at large. The event comprises several sessions with keynote speakers from leading European universities, Russian forestry ministry authorities and other institutions. The organizing committee intends to set a wide scientific and international scope for the conference. Parallel oral sessions and videoconferences will be scheduled, focusing on the latest academic research and innovations with paper presentations. Topics to be discussed during the conference will include innovative techniques and practices in forestry for mitigation and adaptation, sustainable management of forest resources, and maintaining of forest ecosystems. The organizers therefore call for presentations in various fields related to sustainable forest management in the conditions of climate change, to be given both forest scientists and forestry practitioners.