12.nov.09Arcticle in "EFI news" (2009)

05.jun.09 Presentations from international conference

15.jun.09 Photos from conference "International cooperation in forest sector"

05.may.09 Photos from Finland

30.mar.09 Photos from video seminar

30.mar.09 Presentations from video seminar

11.dec.08 Photos from video seminar

06.dec.08 Presentations from video seminar

23.oct.08 Photos from fifth seminar

10.oct.08 Presentations from fifth seminar

10.oct.08 Arcticle in "Rybinskaya Sreda"

09.oct.08 Report about seminar in Italy on chanel "Region 12"

04.oct.08 Photos from seminar on monitoring and quality control of the project

03.oct.08 Report about project on chanel "Culture. Mari El"

20.jun.08 Presentation of a video conference room

12.may.08 Arcticle in "Cortina Cadore"

05.may.08 Photos from seminar in Italy

28.apr.08 Presentations from seminar in Italy

04.dec.07Arcticle in "EFI news" (2007)

01.dec.07 Resolution of 3rd seminar

19.nov.07 Presentations from third seminar

10.nov.07 Photos from third seminar

26.oct.07 Program of third seminar

11.oct.07 Presentations from seminar in Dresden

09.oct.07 Photos from seminar in Germany

05.sep.07 Program of the seminar in Dresden

05.sep.07 Latest article

04.may.07 Photos from second seminar

03.may.07 Presentations from second seminar

14.apr.07 Program of second seminar (23-29.apr.07) changed

12.feb.07 Program of second seminar (23-29.apr.07)

05.feb.07 Resolution of first seminar

03.feb.07 Presentations from first seminar